How to Understand if your Roof is Failing

We walk you through all the signs that your roof is failing, so you can avoid a big repair bill!

Many of the roofing jobs we go to arise as a result of things which could have easily been avoided if they has been noticed further up the line.

Your roof is incredibly important protection for your property from the weather and moisture, so if you suspect it might be leaking, it is definitely a wise idea to get it checked out. Not only does your roof protect the integrity of your property, but it also houses all of your contents, and electricals. 

We have put together 5 key signs that your roof is failing so you can intervene before its too late.

1. Damp patches on ceiling

The most telltale sign that your roof might be leaking is the appearance of discolouration (often brown/yellow) patches on your ceiling. This can appear in any part of the ceiling, and should be investigated as soon as it is spotted!

2. Damaged or missing tiles

If you notice that there are tiles or shingles which are missing on your roof, these need to be replaced as soon as possible. The way in which tiles are arranged on a roof are key for it to continue to deflect rain water effectively.

3. Damaged flashing

Flashing is the the material which can be seen on the edge of your roof and around features such as your chimney. The reason it exists is because these are areas where the tiles aren’t able to provide suitable protection from the weather, due to it being at an edge. If your flashing is damaged, loose or missing, you run the risk of water entering your property and causing damage.

4. You’re struggling to heat your home

If your heating bills are gradually increasing, the chances are that you are losing more heat through your roof. A damaged roof can cause water ingress, which can absorb into insulation materials and render them ineffective. 

5. Your roof is over 20 years old

The average lifespan of s roof is 20-25 years. If your roof is any older than this, the chances are that it could do with inspection. It might be that you are able to carry out a renovation, which can save you a lot of money compared to having the whole roof replaced.


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